Project Island Song is a shared vision for the restoration of Ipipiri to become an archipelago rich in native flora and fauna for all to enjoy. These islands of the Eastern Bay of Islands are now pest-free.

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The key steps in Project Island song are: rodent and stoat eradication, ongoing island biosecurity actions, mainland pest control, planting, landscape plan and species restoration plan.

We hope to reintroduce native species to the islands - helping the islands sing again. Saddlebacks/tieke, North Island robins/toutouwai and bellbirds/korimako are some of these songsters 

Who's planning this?

The project is led by Guardians of the Bay of Islands In., Patukeha and Ngati Kuta (resident hapu at Te Rawhiti),and DOC. It is supported by local landowners, tourism interests.

The Guardians are also working with the following groups on a complementary mainland pest control project:

  • Northland Regional Council
  • Eastern Bay of Islands Preservation Society
  • Te Rawhiti Enterprises Ltd
  • New Zealand Kiwi Foundation

Which islands?

All of the islands in the chain from Motuarohia  (Roberton  Island) eastwards including Moturua, Motukiekie, Okahu, Waewaetorea, Urupukapuka, Poroporo, and all their associated islets including stepping - stone islets in the Rawhiti channel.

Map showing the islands that form part of Project Island Song.

Which pests?

Norway rats, ship rats, kiore (Polynesian rat), mice, stoats are targeted.

Ground-trapping and using trained dogs to help locate stoats will be necessary to make sure all stoats have been removed.

Now that the eradication has happened, what next?

With the eradication stage now complete, it is critical that the pests are prevented from reinvading the islands. Pests may also arrive with people visiting pest free islands. Your help is essential in helping reduce this risk.

Restoration of the islands is part of a wider project involving reforestation of parts of the islands, track upgrades and improved archaeological interpretation.

Get involved in Project Island Song

  • Visit the Project Island Song website
  • Join the Guardians of the Bay of Islands 
  • Send a donation to Guardians of the Bay of Islands Inc, PO Box 367, Paihia 0247 or drop one off at Fullers Bay of Islands, Paihia office.

Visiting the islands

When you visit or stay on the islands, make sure you keep the islands of Ipipiri/Eastern Bay of Islands pest free. Find out what steps to take in this information pack:

View the Project Island Song biosecurity flyer (PDF, 398K)


Pewhairangi / Bay of Islands Office
Phone:   +64 9 407 0300
Address:   34 Landing Road
Kerikeri 0230
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