Read about the 2018 review of the Hector's and Māui dolphin Threat Management Plan.

2018 review

At the conclusion of the previous Threat Management Plan (TMP) review (Māui dolphin section only), Ministers stated that the next full Hector’s and Māui Threat Management Plan review would take place in 2018. 

The table below outlines the key meeting milestones in the lead up to the review. Concurrent with the plan below we will be engaging with our Treaty partners to ensure the integration of mātauranga Māori into the Threat Management Plan.

See a glossary of acronyms used in this table

Timeframe Item Purpose Expected attendees/recipients
August 2017 MRAG - technical sub-group meeting

Purpose is for key research providers to get together to map out possible research pathways informed by the overarching 5-year research plan. 


To develop an integrated science plan that considers what research will/could be undertaken by each provider to ensure a cohesive approach and identify possible synergies/leveraging with respect to timing, budgets etc.

MPI, DOC, UoA, NIWA, Massey.
November 2017 Technical Working Group (via AEWG/CSP)

Purpose is to review the following research and ensure the required scientific experts are available to attend this technical working group:

  • Progress on the Hector's and Maui dolphin risk assessment
  • Update on the NIWA C-POD deployment
  • Spatial risk assessment tool.

Dates will be set based on the availability of key researchers to support peer review.

Open to MRAG members.

February 2018  MRAG meeting

 General update on the:

  • Progress on the Hector's and Māui dolphin risk assessment
  • Update on the NIWA C-POD deployment.

Discussion of options of the 5-year research plan that have been informed/revised based on the technical sub-group meeting held in August. These options will be used to inform research planning for 2018/19 as well as informing any research chapter part of the TMP review.

Discussion of amending the purpose of the MRAG for the TMP process so that it forms a means of stakeholder engagement to discuss:

  • Objectives for the Māui dolphin component of the TMP review
  • Research programme options (as per above)
  • The utility of electronic monitoring with the role out of the Integrated Electronic Monitoring and Reporting System (IEMRS) programme and how that will be considered as part of the TMP
  • TMP review communications plan
    • Stakeholder engagement options for consultation on the TMP (where they see the most benefits) - e.g. drop-ins, survey monkey, online submissions tools, use of the MRAG to help assess submissions/options?
    • Information that should be available and easily accessible to inform TMP review and timing for that information (e.g. background.summary material in a separate document to any proposed plan/options document).
    • How Māui dolphin engagement work is integrated into the TMP and taken forward into the next 5-year cycle.
Note that following this meeting/or the TMP review process the MRAG may wish to revert back to their original purpose of the group needs to also incorporate engagement in the future.
 MRAG members.
 July 2018 Risk Assessment workshop  Culmination of the MPI proposed research project on the Risk Assessment for Hector's and Māui dolphins. This would end in a workshop which would aid in prioritisation of threats for management using available data on the individual populations as well as the Spatial Risk Assessment tool to assess individual scenarios.  A panel of advisors, MRAG members as observers.
 August 2018 - TBC Consultation on options  Following the risk assessment workshop, options for consultation will be developed and a consultation period of approximately 7 weeks would follow shortly thereafter.   All stakeholders and public.  

Meeting and progress updates will be published here as they become available. 


AEWG: Aquatic Environment Working Group

C-POD: Cetacean and POrpoise Detectors

CSP: Conservation Services Programme

DOC: Department of Conservation

MPI: Ministry for Primary Industries

MRAG: Maui dolphin Research Advisory Group

NIWA: National Institute of Water and Atmosphere

UofA: University of Auckland

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