The public toilets at Mimiwhangata Coastal Park near Whangarei have received a new coat of paint thanks to 11 of our ‘Volunteer Wednesday’ painters and Dulux.

Date:  26 September 2017

The volunteers spent a day painting the toilets in preparation for the busy spring / summer visitor in a shade of Dulux Karaka.

Dulux has partnered with DOC since 2013 and supplies paint and woodcare products for DOC and community groups to paint and protect huts and other structures, like toilets.

Volunteers painting toilets.

Volunteers painting toilets.

"The toilets were in need of a good coat of paint and this will keep them looking good for a few years to come. Our volunteers once again showed their range of skills and enthusiasm in helping us get the job done quickly and easily," says Matiu Mataira, Acting Whangarei Operations Manager DOC.

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