Haast tokoeka kiwi
Image: Barry Harcourt ©


Predator Free 2050 is an ambitious goal to rid New Zealand of the most damaging introduced predators that threaten our nation’s natural taonga, our economy and primary sector.


The Predator Free 2050 programme, announced in July 2016, aims to rid New Zealand of possums, rats and stoats by 2050. The programme builds on these existing efforts, to help make the goal of a predator free New Zealand a reality.

This will require new tools and techniques and a coordinated team effort – across communities, iwi and the public and private sectors. 

Achieving the goal will deliver huge benefits across New Zealand – for the social and cultural links with our environment, for our regional economies through primary industries and tourism, and for our threatened native species.

There are thousands of people working across New Zealand each year on all kinds of predator control and biodiversity projects aimed at saving our birds and wildlife for future generations.

It’s an opportunity for New Zealanders to protect our biodiversity and leave an impressive conservation legacy for future generations.

How you can get involved
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