DOC ranger and an Air New Zealand flight attendant at Poor Knights Marine Reserve
Image: Air New Zealand 


Air New Zealand and DOC are working together to promote and protect the Great Walks, our marine reserves, and Coastal Gems; and to preserve threatened species.

DOC and Air New Zealand partnership logo.

Air New Zealand and DOC first joined forces in April 2012, and now have a five and a half year partnership agreement to work together for conservation.

The Great Walks

Air New Zealand supports conservation biodiversity projects to bring back some of New Zealand’s rarest birds to the Great Walks, and also promotes the Great Walks – encouraging New Zealanders to get amongst it and international visitors to come to New Zealand to experience our nine unforgettable journeys.

Air New Zealand and DOC won an award at the 2015 Tourism Industry Awards for their conservation and marketing work on DOC's Great Walks. Read a media release about the award

Threatened Species Translocation programme

Air New Zealand transports some of New Zealand’s most endangered species (birds, reptiles and invertebrates) between regional centres to safe new breeding sites around the country as part of an active recovery programme.

Marine reserves and Coastal Gems

DOC's marine reserves attract hundreds of thousands of visitors annually and include a network of iconic Coastal Gem destinations from the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve off the coast of Northland to Ulva Island-Te Wharawhara Marine Reserve located around Stewart Island/Rakiura in the south.

Since 2013, Air New Zealand has supported DOC's marine reserve research and development work. This research is helping DOC scientists better understand the diversity of our marine environment and monitor and report on our marine ecosystem health.

Air New Zealand also promotes our Coastal Gems, highlighting the important role marine environments play in our kiwi lifestyle.

Marine projects funded by the partnership between Air New Zealand and DOC

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